General Pharmaceutical Limited

With a number of lessons learned from prior years, GPL (General Pharmaceuticals Ltd) has entered its 34th year of success in 2021 with plenty of optimism for the future.
Nearly 3,000 employees work at GPL. Around 2,000 are in the Sales and Marketing Force. There are 600 people who work in distribution.
The company’s manufacturing facility is located in Gazipur.

Managing Director:Dr. Momenul Haq
Founder:Dr. Momenul Haq
Number of employees:Around 3000
Linkedin Link:
Headquarter:Sara Aftab Tower
29 Ring Road
Holdings no. 6/1/A (5th Floor)
Shamoli, Adabor, Dhaka-1207.
Contact Details:Phone: +8809639-667788, +880-2-9142469
Fax: +880-2-9120657
Google Map link:
Unit 1:Mouchak, Dhaka – Tangail High Way, Kaliakair,Gazipur
Unit 1 Google Map link:
Unit 2: Karal Surichala, Safipur, Kaliakair,Gazipur
Unit 2 Google Map link:

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